Even with all of our amazing technological advances, the work of an organization is accomplished by people. It is people who interface with the customer, make the product, deliver the service, plan and coordinate how work gets done, improve processes and systems, ensure quality and return a profit. Technology has provided us with better tools, but it is still people who do the work of a team or an organization and are ultimately responsible for its success. 

Therefore, one of the challenges we all face is to create a climate of trust in which people collaborate and work together effectively. To be successful, this climate of trust is of the utmost importance. 

During this coaching program, during which you will closely work with coach and facilitator Merv Hillier, you and your team will learn the core elements of trust. You will have an opportunity to assess your own trustworthiness. You will learn to view others from a paradigm of trust and goodwill rather than mistrust and alienation. You will learn how to engage in vigorous dialogue and arrive at win/win outcomes. Finally, you will learn to play a role within you relationships in which you strengthen and contribute to the development of other people. 

The Trust Factor program will bring teach you all of these characteristics and abilities through eight intensive modules:

1. The Trust Imperative

  • Appreciate the need for collaboration
  • Learn the key elements of trust
  • Evaluate the consequences of high and low trust
  • Analyze your personal trustworthiness

2. Collusion

  • Understand the dynamic of collusion
  • Be able to identify and diagram collusive relationships 
  • Write a personal story
  • Evaluate the consequences of collusion

3. A Change of Heart

  • Learn why we engage in collusion and its payoffs and prices
  • Understand the folly of trying to change others
  • Experience a change of heart towards others
  • Learn to create safe and trusting conditions

4. Face-to-Face Communication

  • Explore the role of communication in relationships
  • Learn alternative ways of communicating and influencing
  • Identify your preferred method of communication
  • Learn the consequences of the absence of dialogue

5. Interpersonal Dialogue: Core Principles

  • Understand the core principles interpersonal dialogue
  • Learn about the need for mutuality and share understanding
  • Learn to solve-problems
  • Self-assess your skills in interpersonal dialogue

6. Interpersonal Dialogue: The Steps

  • Learn and practice interpersonal dialogue skills
  • Understand the meaning and guidelines of advocacy 
  • Identify and share your "left-hand column"
  • Identify actions to improve your ability to engage in dialogue

7. Harnessing Harmful Behaviour

  • Learn to confront harmful and negative behaviour
  • Understand the importance of discipline and conformity in building trust
  • Develop a set of non-negotiables
  • Practise and apply your skills

8. Strengthening Our Relationships

  • Understand the characteristics and consequences of co-dependency and responsibility
  • Learn a credo for your relationships
  • Learn how you weaken or strengthen others
  • Evaluate your skills in strengthening yourself and others

Coaching and Mentoring

Each participant may contract with a qualified coach/mentor for continued support and development.
Please contact merv@mervhillier.com for more information on coaching opportunities with The Trust Factor program.