Self-Mastery and Emotional Intelligence: The Pathway of Personal Success

Successful people are emotionally intelligent. As a matter of fact, research and experience show that emotional intelligence is more highly correlated with success than IQ. Emotional people excel at life. They step up to challenges and opportunities with the courage, determination and wisdom to win the private and public victories. This program will provide a roadmap and a set of core competencies to help you grow in emotional intelligence. 

The emotionally intelligent person is alert, aware and conscious, and lives noticing what is going on within and around him or her. Understanding there is no value in comparing one's own life to that of others, he or she learns to embrace and live in harmony with reality rather than complaining, regretting, wishing, comparing and judging. 

The emotionally intelligent person recognizes choices, recognizing past choices and how they have caused the reality of the present. She recognizes new choice available today and makes them for herself. 

The emotionally intelligent person lives with intent, clear about vision and direction. He knows the purpose and the principles by which he wants to conduct his life. His actions are his own and his motivation comes from within. 

The emotionally intelligent person lives with integrity, does not seek instant gratification, but is able to sacrifice short-term payoffs for what is strengthening in the long-run. Big things control little things. Principle dominates emotions. Doing what is right for self and others becomes a way of life.

This program will teach you the principles of emotional intelligence and give you the opportunity to live them:

1. The Integrity Model

  • The process of emotional intelligence
  • The flaw inherent in common symbols of success
  • A new definition of success
  • The power of your personal paradigm
  • Your core beliefs

2. Conquer Your Key Moments

  • How to respond to challenging events
  • Explore and understand your responses
  • Explore the consequences of your behaviour
  • Identify ways to choose positive behaviour
  • Learn to change weakening beliefs

3. Embrace Reality

  • Understand the nature of reality
  • Learn to align yourself with reality
  • Learn to accept difficult realities
  • Learn to let go of resentment and blame
  • Learn to live in the present

4. Exercise Responsibility

  • Learn the meaning and nature of personal responsibility
  • Understand how you avoid responsibility
  • Assess your willingness to accept responsibility 
  • Claim ownership of your life

5. Clarify Your Vision

  • Understand the meaning and power of vision
  • Clarify your personal vision
  • Evaluate the thoughts that keep you from living your vision
  • Set goals to achieve your vision

6. Define Your Purpose

  • Understand the different between three kinds of vision
  • Write your personal purpose statement
  • Clarify your guiding principles
  • Develop affirmations to support you living out your purpose
  • Learn to visualize how to make your vision a reality

7. Act with Integrity

  • Understand the meaning of personal integrity and how to act from it
  • Know the symptoms and consequences of self-betrayal
  • Learn to let what 'matters most' govern what 'matters least'
  • Deepen your commitment to what's important

8. Value Who You Are

  • Understand the meaning and importance of self-esteem
  • Become the primary source of your self-esteem
  • Accept  your imperfections
  • Learn to make time for self-renewal
  • Acknowledge and build upon your strengths 
  • Maintain an attitude of gratitude

Coaching and Mentoring

Each participant may contract with a qualified coach/mentor for continued support and development.
Please contact for more information on coaching opportunities with the Self-Mastery program.